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Love travel or travel for work?
Fed up with driving stress? Is flying an endurance test?
Do you suffer from back pain from sitting, sore shoulders,
hip or neck pain?

Get where you're going feeling great!
Check out our safe and simple, in-car, on-airplane and in-office techniques to help you relax, avoid back pain from sitting and enjoy travel more than ever.

You don't have to suffer! Calm your commute, avoid pain from sitting wherever you are and arrive ready to play, ready to work. 
Our pioneering, simple and road-tested techniques will help you to:

• Be a more focused, calm & less distracted driver.
• Recover quickly from commuting or flying.
• Ease neck, shoulder, hip aches and more.
• Reduce flight fatigue & the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis
• Avoid back pain from sitting & related long term
health complications.

Shoulder and neck pain from sitting       Back pain from sitting
Shoulder pain?                       Back pain from sitting?
This head-to-toe, road-tested and simple system was developed by Yoga teacher, Elaine J. Masters with contributions from Julie Garner, Physical Therapist and Ergonomic Consultant.

These targeted stretches, breath work, and ergonomic techniques will help you melt tension, ease freeway frustration, flight fatigue and back pain from sitting - wherever you may be!
Testimonials below.

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Flytime Yoga Booklet & Passport Wallet

Listen to a sample from Drivetime Yoga - The Indie Excellence Award-winning Best Audio Book


Using Drivetime Yoga, cross country drivers Carol and Lee, drove 900 miles in one day and came home with energy to spare! Watch their story on the left.

 Other testimonials include:

 "I found Drivetime Yoga not only informative and easy to understand but a great antidote for the stress of my daily patrol routine." - Police Lt. & Author, Randy Sutton

 "… Elaine (has) developed what’s arguably the most unique and beneficial tool for commuters since the stop light." -  Rick Bell, Extreme Commuter, Examiner.com

How can stretching while driving be safe? The stretches and adjustments begin with breath and becoming more present. They've been road-tested for years and are small, contained movements. You become a safer driver, becoming absolutely aware, without the distractions of driving pain.

Consider how much you already do in your car. Think of what you've seen other drivers doing! Many of us still use our cell phones, eat, put on make up, read maps and newspapers while driving. Some use their cars as offices with laptops, reading GPS screens and even instant messaging.

Drivetime Yoga is about doing less and getting more out of it. You focus on driving and what your body needs moment to moment. Driving discomfort and distractions fade with this natural remedy for anxiety.

"I highly recommend Drivetime Yoga to anyone who drives and wishes to arrive at their destination, be it work or to a meeting, feeling clear, stress free and happy. I almost can't believe this idea has not been out there before. What a fabulous book!" - Michelle Blood, Best Selling Author