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The YoGo ProjectThe YoGo Project’s first production, Drivetime Yoga, educates drivers and passengers on how to be more present, energized and healthy
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Our pioneering travel stress relief products will help you get where you're going feeling great! Learn how to avoid back pain from sitting, reduce neck and shoulder pain and increase productivity when you arrive ready to play, ready to work.

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Elaine J Masters, Trip Wellness Coach Travel Writer, Yogini

  • Founded the YoGo Project to publish products to help reduce stress, increase health and enjoyment of traveling.
  • Expert author on Ezine Articles.
  • Member of the Travel Bloggers Exchange and regularly publishes the Trip Wellness Blog.
  • Speaker & the Award-winning Author of Drivetime Yoga, Flytime Yoga and Officetime Stretches
  • Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance in Hatha Yoga
  • Yoga Certification at the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California
  • Previous careers include Actress, Voice-over Talent, Graphic Designer and Radio Drama Producer
  • BFA Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle - Theater Arts
  • BA San Francisco State University, Interdisciplinary Arts with emphasis in animation and graphic design
  • Transcendental Meditation Sidha
  • PADI certified scuba diver with more than 90 dives Internationally and Southern California.
  • Contact her at: elaine@drivetimeyoga.com.
  • Twitter: @tripwellness
  • Meetup: Travel-Well

Trip Wellness Specialist, Elaine Masters

Contributor: Julie Garner, Ergonomist & Physical Therapist

Julie has been a Physical Therapist since 1982 with a speciality in musculo-skeletal injuries. She has focused on the field of Ergonomics since the mid 1980's when computer use dramatically increased in the workplace. Julie has been an independent consultant for the last 10 years working with a variety of businesses from large companies to small offices, providing assistance to people with injuries and those seeking to prevent work-related injuries. She drives all over the San Francisco Bay Area to meet with clients and uses Drivetime Yoga stretches and methods to help say healthy, as well as sane, in traffic. She can be contacted at:  juliegarner@form-focus.com

Illustrator: Jere Smith

Over the last 30 years, Jere's eclectic background in art has included graphic design, editorial illustration, teaching of art and curating art, various gallery affiliations and organizing many theme-based art events. From Humboldt State University, he has degrees in art and psychology—referencing his two favorite topics, creativity and human behavior.


Although he later fell in love with "real" artists like Michaelangelo, Magritte, Max Ersnt and Marcel Duchamp, and illustrators like Maxfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell, and Milton Glaser, the seminal influence in his art making and creativity were early comics and cartoons—all those rubbery, goofy characters; and then maybe even more importantly, viewing reality and culture through the subversive, fun house lens of late '50s Mad Magazine.


Weaned and art-damaged on this as a youth, such imagery and informed wit played a big part in activating his imagination and laying the foundation of what he calls Neocompostmodern Art—that roiling mulch of ideas and anecdotes on permanent spin cycle. He continues to draw inspiration from those formative years. Jere can be reached at: jere@jeresmith.com

Transform Road Rage into Road Refuge with Drivetime Yoga and Flytime Yoga Low Back Pain Exercises. The Yoga Exercises will help you enjoy Road Trips more and offer Travel Stress Relief whether on the road or in the air.

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