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The articles below have more suggestions and news to travel pain free  with Drivetime Yoga and Flytime Yoga.
Road Trip Stretches
Breaking Bad Driving HabitsYoga Benefits In Your Car & Breaking Bad Driving Habits
Repetitive Driving InjuriesResearch shows 8 out of 10 drivers are at risk of long term health problems
Commuter & Driver NewsLinks to articles, blogs, reports about the problems and solutions facing drivers worldwide.
Eco-Driving Tips

Elaine J. Masters Travel Articles - The Disney Aulani Resort, The Magic Begins.

LA Yoga Journal - Road Trip Yoga, Choosing Road Refuge Over Road Rage

More writing samples from the Blog:

Stretching regularly is a great, stress free path to a healthier, stress free life. Even in stressful situations like being stuck in gridlock on the freeway, the techniques help us all to be happier commuters. Practice Car Yoga and back pain exercises to relieve Driving Stress.
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