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"I find Drivetime Yoga not only informative and easy to understand but a great antidote for the stress of my daily patrol routine." -  Police Lieutenant, Randy Sutton 

"What a wonderful idea especially in this day and age, where we spend so much time on the road and sitting. Drivetime Yoga is a great way for people to relax and enhance the movement and energy in their bodies instead of getting stuck. I’m so happy to share it with all the members of my practice." - Dr. January West, Chiropractor

Elaine developed what’s arguably the most unique and beneficial tool for commuters since the stop light. - Ric Bell, Extreme Commuter, Examiner.com

"Elaine Masters of Drive Time Yoga has developed a very innovative idea to combine Yoga and Driving to help reduce stress and improve posture. Stress? Anyone need to reduces stress...me? YES, you bet'cha! Posture, well my Mother still tells me to sit up straight now and then. So, how the heck can Yoga help this Car Girl with her LA traffic driving stress? Bring the heart of Yoga along for the ride with simple Yoga exercises, Yoga Poses and Driving Ergonomics... "Jody DeVere - www.AskPatty.com, Automotive Advice for Women, President.

"This is fantastic! All the exercises work extremely well. They are gentle, relaxing and easy-to-remember movements that are subtle, yet refresh and center. They are very effective while driving, but I also used them with wonderful success on a recent long flight from San Francisco to New York and back with a 4-year old!  Dawn Yun, The Writing Mamas, http://www.writingmamas.com


"Flytime Yoga is an idea whose time has come.  Taking advantage of the yoga stretches on board an airplane makes the flight so much more tolerable.  I arrived at my destination feeling relaxed and comfortable.  The stretches were so good, that I've continued to use them after I arrived home!  I would recommend Flytime Yoga to everyone and will make it a part of my travel "documents" for all future trips." Pat Brown, patbrownsmiles.com.

"I loved the Yoga.  It was so informative and really helped my back.   I liked the gentle stretching and the way you teach is so easy to follow. Too bad we didn't do more of it after the diving each day." Roz Nicklin, http://www.chucknicklin.com/ Dive Travel Tour Organizer


"I really like the deceptive simplicity of your instructions. What a great way to get people in their bodies. It is so simple no one could be intimidated or even want to put it off."    Audy T., Therapist, Portland, OR

"Such an excellent book to help us in this world of so much driving to and fro. I highly recommend it to anyone who drives and wishes to arrive at their destination, be it work or to a meeting, etc. feeling clear, stress free and happy. I almost can't believe this idea hasn't been out there before!"  -  Michelle Blood, Best Selling Author of How To Become A Magnet to Hollywood Success

"A useful and basic plan of helpful postures and movements for anyone, yoga practiconer or otherwise." - Robert MacDougall, Actor,Stuntman, Fight Coordinator, Seattle, WA

"This is a fantastic idea that is so needed in today's world." -  Ann C., NIA Instructor, Hanceville, AL

"Imagine! We can now use our "drive-time" commutes to remain centered, stress-free and vibrant! Drivetime Yoga is the answer to anyone looking for simple and easy ways to turn the start and stop driving of gridlock traffic into an energizing, mind clearing, enjoyable experience. An innovative apporach I highly recommend! " -  Marsh Engle, Radio Host and Author of The Essential Six:A Practical Path to Higher Creativity

Find out for yourself: Commuter stress relief with these easy Yoga exercises for drivers, especially useful to combat road rage. The stretches are adapted from Yoga and Stress dissolves. Especially when concerned with Commuter Health.

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