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San Diego Publisher wins IBPA Scholarship to attend Publishing U and Book Expo America



San Diego’s, award-winning Drivetime Yoga author and Yoga Teacher, Elaine Masters, to present at the Third Annual Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR) in Los Angeles on March 5th.


The International Association of Yoga Therapists SYTAR Symposium will present a broad spectrum of professional education in the contemporary practice of Yoga therapy. Elaine Masters will be teaching about ‘Stress Relief for Commuters from the Core of Yoga’ as part of the Community Interest Workshops on Thursday, March 5th. SYTAR also showcases important new research and issues facing Yoga as an emerging complementary healthcare discipline.


Drivetime Yoga helps commuters ease stress, back & neck aches, lower blood pressure and arrive feeling vibrant. The safe, simple stretches plus breathing techniques, are adapted from Yoga poses, to avoid road rage, remain alert behind the wheel and ease chronic driving pain. The book & CDs include contributions from Julie Garner, Physical Therapist and Ergonomic Consultant, so everyday drivers can benefit from the knowledge that helps keep professional drivers injury free. Elaine Masters, RYT, has spent hundreds of hours studying many different Yoga styles and testing the safety and effectiveness of the car Yoga moves. She always cautions drivers to keep their seatbelts on and stay responsible for their own safety and that of others on the road by practicing a ‘Rolling Namaste’.


“Given that “road rage” has caused an increase in automobile accidents and the statistic that “83 percent of commercial drivers will be involved in an aggressive driving incident”, Drivetime Yoga could just be one of the best preventative measures to decrease this number.”- Paloma Chavez, Editor,


"I found Drivetime Yoga not only informative and easy to understand but a great antidote for the stress of my daily patrol routine." - Police Lt. & Author, Randy Sutton

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