Flytime Yoga Passport Wallet with Booklet
Flytime Yoga Passport Wallet with Booklet
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The Flytime Yoga Passport Wallet with Booklet

28 pages with small, easy, illustrated stretches to ease back, neck and shoulder aches. Avoid deep vein thrombosis with simple head to toe moves. Breathing techniques calm anxiety and frustration. Standing stretches for airport layovers & at your destination. Relieve fear of flying naturally with airplane Yoga.

Features: Lightweight, soft blue vinyl case. Pockets for ID/Passport and Boarding Pass/itinerary on left side. Booklet inserts into clear pocket on the right. Bonus: BREATHE static cling sticker for your computer or car window.

Customize the Wallet and Booklet for your sales team, tour operators! Private label imprints available. Contact for details and quantity discounts.
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